Sunday, July 31, 2011

Moments of Orange

Many adults probably grow out of the “favorite color” stage at some point or at least when they hit a certain age they no longer admit to having one; however, that doesn’t work when you have small children.  We have twin boys who are now 10 years old, but when they were babies, we identified Jonathan with most things red and Benjamin with most things blue (keeping up with two of everything was crazy sometimes).  Later on, while Benjamin remained blue, somehow Jonathan moved on to green.  Those colors then became their favorites and they thought everyone should have a favorite color.  They would constantly ask me, “Mom…what’s your favorite color?”  My reply, “I don’t have one.”  They countered, “But you HAVE to have a favorite color.”  I replied, “But I don’t.”  Along the way I guess I started thinking about it and noticed (being the only one in the family without a favorite color) that I had an affinity for the color orange.  After realizing this, I just blurted out “orange” the next time they asked.  They were so excited that I finally had a favorite color!  Remembering how exciting this was to the boys and the fact they are still very aware of mom's favorite color has made this memory special to me.  "Moments of Orange” are my special nuggets of life that I want to remember and capture.